Centre for Quantitative Analysis & Decision Support



CQADS offers week-long series of workshops (5 days, 4 hours/day) on various data analysis themes. Each day consists of 2 hours of theoretical instruction in the morning, followed by 2 hours of practical work in the afternoon, except for the Putting It All Together series of workshops, where each day mostly consists of practical work. 

23 OCT to 27 OCT2017: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
30 OCT to 03 NOV, 2017: Introduction to Data Science
FEB 2018: Data Visualization
JUN 2018: Putting It All Together I

OCT 2018: Recommender Engines 
FEB 2019: Social Network Analysis
JUN 2019: Putting It All Together II

OCT 2019: Big Data and Distributed Computing
FEB 2020: Bayesian Data Analysis
JUN 2020: Putting It All Together III

OCT 2020: Data Collection and Web Scraping
FEB 2021: Analysis of Streaming Data
JUN 2021: Putting It All Together IV

Depending on the demand, one-off workshops may also be scheduled. In-house training and customizable workshops are also available. 

Please consult the Workshop Catalogue for more information. 

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