Centre for Quantitative Analysis & Decision Support

Introduction to Data Science

          2017 Fall CQADS Workshop Series 
          Introduction to Data Science

          23 to 27 October, 2017

                01: Introduction, Data Science Universals, Data Presentation
                02. Basics of R, Simple Data Visualization
                03. Fundamental Notions, Association Rules Mining
                04. Data Manipulation in R, Association Rules Mining R packages, Case Study
                05. Classification and Decision Trees, Clustering and k-Means
                06. Decision Trees and k-Means R packages, Case Studies
                07. Support Vector Machines, Naïve Bayes Classification
                08. SVMs and NBC R packages, Case Studies
                09. Density-Based Clustering, Spectral Clustering
                10. DBSCAN and SC R packages, Case Studies

          The modules are selected from the following workshops:
                - Introduction to Analytics -- Preparing and Visualizing Data
                - Mining for Information Gold -- Data Science Concepts
                - Classification Methods I
                - Clustering Algorithms I
                - Data Processing and Visualization with R
                - The Data Scientist's Toolbox

          Full descriptions can be found in the Workshop Catalogue.

          Cost per participant: $1800 + HST

                - free parking
                - daily coffee, snacks, and lunch
                - course materials
                - 2-week access to the workshop Python/R Notebooks on the CQADS server

          A limited number of fellowships are available to the Carleton community. 

          Registration for this workshop will open on September 1, 2017